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Experience the Magic of Sedona, the Red Rocks and Beyond in the most comprehensive visit of Sedona!

On the Ground or in the Air – A Tour of Sedona's Backcountry is a "must-do" Activity
Their are many reason to vacation in Sedona – the food, the art, the weather, the red rock vistas, the shopping, but their is one activity every visitor needs to experience to really enjoy their visit: A tour of Sedona's back country by jeep, airplane, helicopter, hot-air balloon, bike, or on foot.
Escorted jeep tours are very popular – jeep companies know the secret locations deep in the high country where the views are the best and the rock thrills are great memories. U-Drive it jeep rentals are elso available for your own off-road adventure.

Airplane, helicopter, and bi-plane trips into and above the dramatic red rock formations provide the visitor with a true birds-eye view of deep canyons and shear cliffs created by a million years of wind, rain and shifting rock. Hot air balloons rising into Sedona's clear, cool air early in the morning is a once in a lifetime expereince.

Escorted or go-on-your-own mountain bike trips on any of the dozens of miles of trails is very popular with the fit and really adventruesome. And off course, hiking is the mainstay activity of Sedona with over 200 improved trails criss-crossing the majestic red rock countryside of Sedona and Coconino National Forest.

Some hikes are as easy as a casual walk in a city park, but with dramatically greater views while others are meant for only the very fit explorers. It is also a wonderful family adventure for all ages. Taking a tour of Sedona's red rock country is key to a vacation's success and true insight into the magical land called Sedona.

See Sedona from the View of the Eagle - In a Helicopter!
Sedona Red Rock Helicopter Tours
is family owned and operated and is part of Sedona Air Tours located at Sedna Airport which has been flying Sedona since 1993. Experience the thrill of a lifetime on one of their many biplane, airplanes, or helicopter tours over the most beautiful scenery in America! Sedona Airport is known as America's Most Scenic Airport since it lies on top of a flat mountain, five hundred feed above the city of Sedona below. The airport overlooks Sedona grand red rock vista - dozens of huge red rock mountains towering over and around Sedona. Sedona Air Tours offers your family to opportunity to see Sedona and Northern Arizona from the comfort and excitement of biplanes, helicopters, and single and dual engine aircraft.
Red Rock Biplane Tours
Soar in an open cockpit Red Waco biplane (heated and air-conditioned). Biplanes flown by professional, commercial rated pilots. Trips vary from 20 minutes to 60 minutes fly over and thru many of the famous red rock mountains and valleys. Check out their website for information about Red Rock Biplane Tours. And don't forget to take advantage of their coupons.
Sky Safari Charter and Air Tours
Sky Safari Tours & Charter has a well established reputation of excellence and quality in supplying passengers from all over the world. Consider an air tour to the Grand Canyon, the amazing glass floored "Skywalk" and Colorado River, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge, and the amazing 50,000 year old meteor crater. Sky Safari is also available as a private charter company - they can pick you up and take you to most areas of the American southwest. Check out their website for information about Sky Safari Charter and Air Tours. And don't forget to take advantage of their coupons.
Red Rock Helicopter Tours
Fly in a jet-powered helicopter soaring eye level with the fantastic formations of the red rocks of Sedona. They will take you on a memorable experience exploring hidden treasure unreachable via land including up close views of ancient indian ruins located 600 feet above the canyon floor and hundreds of feet below the top of the mountains. Thrill to views of red rock canyons, valleys, 1000 foot shear cliffs, beautiful Pine tree filled hidden Red Rock Helicopter Toursareas rarely seen by anyone on foot or in a vehicle. Tours are affordable and varied. Check out their website for information about Red Rock Helicopter Tours. And don't forget to take advantage of their coupons.

Northern Light Balloon Adventures take Visitors on a Thrilling adventure over Sedona's Red Rock Country!
Northern Light Balloon is the oldest and largest hot air balloon company in northern Arizona and offer the most professional service to you and your guests.
 Northern Lights Balloons SedonaOur aircraft, ground support equipment and vehicles are the most modern and best maintained in the area, exceeding FAA and balloon industry standards. Our pilots (all high-hour, seasoned professionals), ground crew and support personnel comprise a team that is second to none and their combined talents will provide an experience that balloon enthusiasts have said far exceeds other balloon expeditions they have experienced. Please note, some balloon companies will pick you up at your Sedona hotel, but then you are driven to a launch site south of Cottonwood. ONLY NORTHERN LIGHT BALLOON EXPEDITIONS AND RED ROCK BALLOON have Forest Service permits on the Coconino National Forest, which covers the Sedona area.
Visit our website and learn more.

Sacred Land Tours - Magically Inspired Tours to Enhance Your Visit to Sedona & Northern Arizona!
Suzzette Bruhn, Sacred Land ToursSacred Land Tours is your Sedona Experts.. Daily tours and custom made journeys from Phoenix to Sedona, Grand Canyon and other sacred lands of the Southwest with local guides enlightened with Native American spirituality. Their tours expand beyond their extensive knowledge of Sedona and the sacred lands of the Southwest, Native American history, legends and spiritualilty, love of the land and all people. They offer journeys from Phoenix that will connect you to nature, to your own nature and open the heart. Their tours are experiential. They live it! They love it and it shows! http://www.sacredlandtours.comTours to Hopi Land, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Sedona and the Verde Valley. Visit Website to Learn more.
Contact at: 602-277-1924 or email to:

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Experience a thrilling hot air balloon ride over Sedona's red rock mountains
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Red Rock Helicopter
See Sedona's 'World Wonder' Red Rocks up close in an exciting Helicopter Tour
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Dozens of coupons and discounts on air, land tours of Sedona & N. Arizona
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Sacred Land Tours
Tours from Phoenix to Sedona with experienced Sedona Vortex and Medicine Wheel guide
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