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Sedona Sacred Journeys - Gregory Drambour, Shamanic Healer & Guide Custom Healing
Vortex Experiences Sedona Retreats
Gregory offers powerful vortex experiences to secret spots unknown to the public. Sedona Sacred JourneysHe is the author of the well-acclaimed book on Native American shamanism, The Woodstock Bridge, endorsed by Richard Carlson of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. Gregory is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. He is also cancer survivor and fluent in the mind-body connection. Sedona Sacred Journeys also offers customized spiritual retreats from one day to multiple days. Couples Retreats and Cancer Survivor Retreats are also offered. We invite you to come on a custom vortex experience and enter into partnership with nature and its healing powers. Sedona Vortex Tours Ph: (928) 274 2427 MT email:


Many of us visit Sedona to find our personal truths in Sedona's Metaphysical Mysteries - Follow Your Path
It's Vortexes, Spiritual Centers, New Age Gatherings, Readings, Massage, Healing's, and Meditation
Sedona got its modern name from a woman pioneer, Sedona Schnebly, who settled there at the end of the 19th century. Today, it is a Mecca for people of all ages, on quests of all kinds. It promises a special kind of nourishment for of the body, mind and spirit. What is the principle Sedona attraction? Beauty and Serenity.

The Sedona area is host to four vortexes. These are some of the most popular spots in the area and one its largest attractions. On a vortex site, it is said that the earth's unseen lines of power intersect to form an energy field. How this actually affects one's Sedona experience may vary greatly from one person to the next. The vortex locations are, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Airport Mesa. Free maps to these sites are readily available in town.
Many of the firms offering metaphysical services belong to an association. The website of this association is

What is "New Age"??? by Hugh DeLong
The New Age Movement espouses evolution, both of body and spirit. Man is developing and will soon leap forward into new spiritual horizons. Many New Age practices are designed to push one ahead into that horizon. Some of them are astral projection which is training your soul to leave your body and travel around; contacting spirits so they may speak through you or guide you; using crystals to purify your body's and mind's energy systems; visualization where you use mental imagery to imagine yourself as an animal, in the presence of a divine being, or being healed of sickness, etc.

Because the average New Ager believes himself to be divine, he can then create his own reality. If, for example, a person believes that reincarnation is true, that's fine because that is his reality. If someone he knows doesn't believe in it, that is alright too because that is someone else's reality. They can each have a reality for themselves that "follows a different path."

Since the New Age Movement teaches that man is divine by nature, all people, once they see themselves as such, will be helped in their unity of purpose, love, and development. The goal is to fully realize our own goodness.

Sedona Creative Life Center – Education, Enlightenment, Entertainment and More:
Sedona Creative Life Center is a nonprofit organization founded to celebrate the human spirit and provide an uplifting and nourishing environment for celebrations, spiritually enhancing programs, and personal growth.
creative live center chapel

People of all ages and beliefs are invited to participate in events to discover transformational learning tools and empower their spiritual journey.
The center is nestled in fifteen beautiful secluded acres, just a few minutes from the heart of Sedona, Arizona, a world renowned spiritual Mecca.

The center's mission is to become a primary source of programs for spiritual growth, and for programs that encourage healing and harmony of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies for people of all ages and beliefs.
Dedicated to the spiritual part of every person, Sedona Creative Life Center is a non-religious, non-profit growth center. Foremost in its philosophy is the idea that every person is here to learn and to grow as much as possible. Creativity and fulfillment are believed to be closely connected with growth and change on a personal level. Sedona Creative Life Center strives to put on programs that bring out the creative, fulfilling and growth producing aspects in people.

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Sedona Vortex
We specialize in custom spiritual experiences to powerful Sedona Vortexes that are not known to the public.
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Sedona Metaphysical Assn
We promote and raise awareness about the spiritual and metaphysical offerings in the Sedona area.
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