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There are a lot of things to See and Do in Sedona and Northern Arizona

Why do so many people come to Sedona the first time and why do many come back time after time again? It's Sedona's Attractions and Sedona Fun!
Red Rocks - #1 Attraction: Sedona is a new experience for a traveler every time they visit. The number one attraction to Sedona is it's red rock mountains. I know you have heard it before, but the red rocks of Sedona do have a life of their own. If you will take the trouble to get out of your car, put on some walking shoes, grab your water bottle and take off on a trail into a red rock canyon or walk up a trail into a high red rock overlook away from people, away from cars, away from what we all call normal and take open your eyes wide – you will understand what Sedona is all about. Stop at the National Forest Service information center as you enter Sedona for information.
More Sedona fun....
Sedona Heritage Museum on Jordan Road in Uptown sedona is a museum dedicated to the area's history from early pioneer settlers to the movie making days of the '40s and '50s. It's a great place to visit to get oriented. sedona fun

Grand Canyon: Plan to stay in Sedona and make the Grand Canyon a wonderful day trip. The canyon is just two to two and half hours away and the trip is a wonderful way to see Northern Arizona's high country landscape. If you take the Hwy 180 route through Flagstaff, you will drive past Mt. Humpheries. Watch the dramatic Grand Canyon IMAX movie, and experience the changing moods of the canyon.

Ancient Civilizations: Sedona is part of the Verde Valley, a high-desert area of about 30 by 30 miles wide. It was home to ancient Anasazi Indians over 600 years ago. Remains of their homes and villages remain today and can be driven to from Sedona in just minutes. Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot are national monuments you will want to visit. Their are also ancient wall art and cliff dwellings you can visit.

Oak Creek Canyon: Driving north from Sedona through the 19 mile long Oak Creek Canyon is one of Arizona's most scenic drives. Along the way, stop at Indian Gardens the site of the first settlement in the 1870s. A bit further up the canyon is Slide Rock State Park, know for it's natural waterslides carved into the red rock streambed. As you assend into the canyon you will drie past several resort lodges such as Don Hoels Cabins (see their coupon here).

Jerome: 30 miles west of Sedona on Hwy 89a is the Ghost town of Jerome. Once the state's largest city, it now is home to about 500 - many whom are artists and enterprising craftspersons. Art galleries, restaurants, museums, and amazing sites will greet the traveler who ventures here for an afternoon of exploration.

Flagstaff: 25 miles north of Sedona on I-17 or Hwy 89A is Flagstaff, Northern Arizona's largest city. Enjoy such sites as the Lowell Observatory (where Pluto was discovered), a historic 1890's downtown, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and the 12,000 foot high Mt Humphreys (Arizona Snowbowl) (take a chairlift to the top)

East of Flagstaff about 40 miles is Meteor Crater, earth's largest"star crash" hole in the ground. (remember the final scene in "Starman") North of Winslow is the world of the Hopi. Here native Americans have lived for over a 1,000 years without major changes. A visit to the 2nd Mesa will be one of the highlights of your vacation - it's like going back in time.

Off course shopping, visiting art galleries, scrumptous dining area all activities to enjoy on your visit to Sedona.

Out of Africa Park
Africa in the Heart of Arizona - Just 30 Minutes from Sedona - Your Family will love it!!
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