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Sedona's Most Powerful Webcam and Information Site

Welcome to SedonaVision. Each of this sites 13 pages is spearheaded by a high resolution web camera capturing images of Sedona live from on top a tower located on Airport Mountain, 500 feet above the world famous red rocks of Sedona and the City of Sedona.

Each Topic page is a landing page for the website. Once on the page, visitors are free to move about and explore other pages of interest. This design builds page views and increases exposure to client ads.

Each Page has up to 6 banner ads and 10 "Google-Styled" text ads. The position of the ads (top to bottom) are fixed and based on a first come, first serve basis. We do not rotate ads or hide the ads requiring a new visitor or refresh to be viewed. went online as an information resource in the spring of 2006 and was renamed in June of 2007 as part of an expansion program!

The Banner ads are 200 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall. Ads can have a rollover feature or be flash.
Banners are priced at $1200 per year on all pages for one ad. Discounts available for multiple banner ad placement.

sample banner ads

The text ads consist of a headline title and a 3-4 line text description. Links to your website are provided and if you have a coupon online on, a link to the coupon(s) is also provided. A link to your online story is also provided at no addtional charge. These text ads cost $360 year for each page placed.

Each advertiser receives a short story with photos placed on their topic page for at least one month. A link to the story is also placed on text ads. The stories are archived on a separate story page from the topic page for 11 months and are used to build search engine traffic to benefit the site and the client as well as provide information to your prospects about your business. This feature is provided at no charge to our clients.
The story comes with each ad, so multiple ads receive multiple placement of stories.

To place your ad on SedonaVision:
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